Sometimes Photoshop totally compensate the lack of time for details during the rendering phase! Here you will see the transformation from the raw render to the final. It is not always like that, sometimes you have more time to work on 3D to put more and more realistic details (specially in the interiors scenes). Enjoy!

ANIMATION – Unreal Engine Test

(RECOMMENDED QUALITY 720p) Here’s another quick Unreal Engine test. Last time i had the possibility to “play” with this engine was with 4.4 version. I was curious to test some new features by representing a scene picked from one of my still image renders.     and here there are some preview pics from one of my actual UE projects:  


Here’s a bunch of snapshots taken from an animation experiment, using Realflow+3Ds+After Effects. The work to do is reeeally huge, but little by little I’ll post some progresses!